2015 Best Researcher Award goes to professor Carine Peeters

At the annual New Year’s reception the Vlerick 2015 ‘Best Researcher Award’ was granted to Vlerick professor Carine Peeters. According to the interuniversity award selection committee she succeeded best in representing Vlerick’s research strategy during the past year.

By granting this award Vlerick honours Carine’s impressive academic track record within a research topic with high relevance. She specialises in international strategy, with a specific focus on the upstream internationalisation of firms that reconfigure their value chains through global sourcing of business and technical services. Moreover, she also succeeded in actively translating her research towards the business community and educational practice.

Carine, who joined the school well over one year ago, was very pleased to receive this award: “I feel honoured to receive this distinction from highly esteemed peers and colleagues. I am also thankful to my co-authors who helped raise the bar in every publication that led to the award. And I could not be more pleased to see that what I like doing most - being high impact academic research that is useful to management practice – is of value as well to the institution I belong to.”

Carine’s achievements for 2015 in a nutshell:

  • Impressive 2014-2015 publication record: 5 international publications, of which 3 A* articles (which were published in the Journal of International Business Studies and in Organization Studies)
  • Active translation of research results towards the business community together with Whitelane Research and via columns and practice oriented magazines
  • Strong focus on collaboration, both national and international, and both within and across disciplines
  • Strong efforts towards pedagogical innovation by translating research insights into experiential learning tools, such as case studies, iPad based strategy exercise, and videos
  • Strong academic profile with editorial role in various high-impact journals

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