Centre for Excellence in Business Process Management off to a good start

The centre, also known as BPM Network, has recently started its 7th year of existence with a renewed concept, tuned to process-minded organisations’ contemporary needs. No less than 7 new organisations joined the network in 2011 to give a boost to Business Process Management to the benefit of their organisational performance. They have embarked on a three year journey to learn and experience from the front row what BPM has to offer to a modern, forward looking organisation.

The Centre for Excellence in BPM exists since 2005. Its current members are: Belgacom, Delhaize, Dexia, Eandis, Elia, FOD Financiën, Jessa Ziekenhuis, OPZ Geel, Partena Ziekenfonds & Partners, RIZIV, SPE-Luminus, VDAB, and VMM.

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