Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs in Nicaragua

25 enthusiastic Flemish entrepreneurs who have their own company are teaming with Vredeseilanden for a week to help entrepreneurs in Nicaragua. In the context of the ‘Ondernemers fietsen voor ondernemers’ (Entrepreneurs biking for entrepreneurs) project, they are travelling across the country on mountain bikes. This gives them plenty of time to talk with local entrepreneurs and to become familiar with the local operation and organisation of Vredeseilanden, a Belgian NGO that helps farmers in developing countries earn a liveable income from sustainable agriculture.

Via sponsoring, Vlerick Business School extends a helping hand to this initiative, and we support local development assistance and entrepreneurship in the Third World, says Professor Hans Crijns: “Entrepreneurship is the foundation of Vlerick Business School’s spirit. We are engaged in this with a broad view on the world, on society and on ecology. Social entrepreneurship is also well represented in our programmes and projects. By participating in this initiative, we are putting this commitment into practice.

The majority of the 25 Flemish entrepreneurs are active members of iGMO, the Impulscentrum Groeimanagement Middelgrote Ondernemingen (Stimulus centre for growth management for mid-sized enterprises). These entrepreneurs are participating in the mountain biking trip: Herman Van de Velde, Karel Cardoen, Peter Garré, Matthias Lannoo, Marc Cosaert, Emmanuel Tuytens, Bernard Santens, Guido Vandenabeele, Dirk Mertens, Wim Verhoeven, Peter and Dieter Vyncke, Peter De Vos, Luc Clarys, Dirk Vandenbussche, Walter Mastelinck, Carl Schelstraete and Bärbel Buyse.

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