Flanders: Entrepreneurship without borders

A scientific perspective on the internationalisation of the Flemish economy

The new yearbook of the Steunpunt voor Ondernemen en Internationaal Ondernemen (STOIO) (the Flemish Research Organisation for Entrepreneurship and International Entrepreneurship) gathers the results of a number of research projects that have been conducted within the context of this research organisation around the topic of International Entrepreneurship. The research examines the export-orientation of Flemish companies – and in particular, the degree to which Flemish companies export to the emerging countries (the so-called BRIC countries) – and the attractiveness of Flanders to foreign investors. Other topics are explored as well, like the importance of broadening international networks and the impact of international collaborations.

The first part of the yearbook provides a current status of how strongly the Flemish economy is embedded internationally, looking at both Flemish presence abroad and foreign presence in Flanders. The second part is dedicated to an analysis of Flemish companies’ exportation practices. Part three studies the presence of foreign companies in Flanders, with particular attention to the attractiveness of Flanders as an investment region. As foreign companies are taking over more and more companies in Flanders, this part also looks at the effects of these take-overs on activities in Flanders. Attention is also given to the reverse flow: namely, the relocation of Flemish companies’ activities abroad. The last part treats a somewhat neglected aspect of internationalisation – international collaborations. The yearbook concludes with proposed policy measures to support the internationalisation of the Flemish economy.

Order or read the book online here (available in Dutch only!).

This book is a product of the Steunpunt voor Ondernemen en Internationaal Ondernemen (STOIO). This research organisation is embedded in a Consortium of Ghent University, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School. Commissioned by the Flemish government, the STOIO has developed into Flanders’ premier knowledge centre for entrepreneurship and international entrepreneurship. The Steunpunt voor Ondernemen en Internationaal Ondernemen is an active partner in executing the ‘Vlaanderen in Actie – Pact 2020’ initiative.

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