Vlerick business games can now be played worldwide thanks to new online platform

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School has developed a new online platform for its business games. Via a special website, web-based games are now accessible through the internet from any computer (with login and password). This means they can now be played by participants from all over the world, regardless of geographical location or time zone.

At the moment, the new platform provides especially high added value for the IMEx game. Up to now, this ‘Integration Management Exercise’ has been played primarily by students. But, to have access to the server, the participants have had to be physically present on one of the Vlerick campuses during the entire duration of the game. The new online platform now makes IMEx – and other games – available to companies as well.

Multidisciplinary interaction

In addition to the element of competition, the IMEx game’s multidisciplinary aspect is an especially important added value. Whereas a traditional training programme most often focuses on a single functional domain, this game allows companies to create interaction amongst employees from a variety of functional domains. Managers indeed often perform very well within their own field of expertise – but sometimes they fail to see the bigger picture. Nevertheless, decisions taken in certain areas frequently have implications for other parts of the company. With IMEx, players are initiated into the basic principles of all areas by means of a single game – something that is often an eye-opener for many participants. If they so desire, companies can also insert special training moments between the various modules in order to play the subsequent modules optimally.

What is IMEx?

IMEx stands for Integration Management Exercise. The business game was developed by Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School and has now been launched online in collaboration with Prime Foundation Partners Möbius and LoQutus. The game is a standard component of the full-time MBA programme (in which it runs for 6 full days) and of the part-time MBA (where it is spread over 8 days).

The business game is all about developing and implementing a strategic plan. Several teams of 5 to 7 participants must lead a company. The tasks that are divided up among the players cover all of the functional areas: HR, marketing and sales, infrastructure, purchasing, finance, production, and so on. The teams compete against each other, trying to capture as much market share as possible. A goal that can only be achieved via a good strategy and by taking the right tactical and operational decisions.

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