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  1. EASI and Torfs retain their titles as Belgium's Best Workplaces 2016

    Date: 16/03/2016
    Category: Press Releases
    For the second year in a row, EASI and Torfs are number 1 in their categories in the top 10 of Belgium's Best Workplaces 2016. The good scores obtained by the two companies are mainly due to their employee satisfaction levels. This is because the result of this annual, large-scale study by Vlerick Business School in collaboration with the Great Place to Work® Institute Belgium and media partner Jobat is based on an employee survey which determines two-thirds of the final score.
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  2. Only 1 in 5 Belgian companies fully optimises remuneration to lower wage cost

    Date: 12/01/2016
    Category: Press Releases
    A study by Vlerick Business School and Attentia involving 130 Belgian companies has provided new insights into remuneration and well-being policies. Very few companies today are making optimum use of wage optimisation opportunities to reduce wage costs. For example, only 1 in 5 organisations are operating a structural optimisation policy and only 15% makes use of flexible remuneration, also known as the ‘cafeteria plan’. Although over 80% regard well-being as a crucial element, not everyone has implemented it in communication or actions. While anyone investing over 3% of the HR budget in actions concerning well-being, has observed positive effects in a very short term.
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  3. Three quarters of the BEL20 companies pay their CEO less than in 2007

    Date: 16/12/2015
    Category: Press Releases
    Across all listed companies, total CEO remuneration has increased by an average of 23% over the last eight years (2007-2014) in Belgium. There are major differences depending on the stock market index, however (BEL20, Bel mid, Bel small). As for the composition of the package, it appears that share-related remuneration is falling out of favour. It also appears that variable remuneration is mainly determined by short-term financial benchmarks. Finally, Belgium scores relatively well in comparison to other countries in terms of diversity, especially with respect to the nationality and gender of the CEO. These are the most important conclusions drawn from the annual research into top salaries by Professor Xavier Baeten of the Executive Remuneration Research Centre.
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