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    Belgians still too scared to become entrepreneurs

    Date: 17/04/2014
    Category: Press Releases
    Overall, Belgians have a positive attitude to entrepreneurship as a career choice. However, it is surprising that successful nascent entrepreneurs enjoy little admiration. The status attributed to successful entrepreneurs therefore deserves to be improved. Moreover, the main factor keeping many people from becoming entrepreneurs is fear of failure. That goes mainly for women and youngsters, who need an extra push to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. Finally, the factor of international migration was studied for the first time. These are the results of the most recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, a yearly international study into entrepreneurial mentality, activity ratios of new and budding entrepreneurs, and the ambitions of the latter.
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  2. AE and Schoenen Torfs are Belgium's ‘Best Workplaces 2014’

    Date: 26/02/2014
    Category: Press Releases
    AE and Schoenen Torfs are head up the top 10 of Belgium's ‘Best Workplaces 2014’. A ‘Best Workplace’ is a company in which the employees trust their supervisors (management), are proud of their performance (job) and enjoy their working environment (colleagues). The good scores obtained by AE and Schoenen Torfs are mainly due to their employee satisfaction levels. With their title of ‘Best Workplaces 2014’ in Belgium, AE and Schoenen Torfs are good role models when it comes to a people-centred, high-quality personnel policy.
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  3. A new tool called “Stevig in de steigers” facilitates the coaching of low-skilled workers

    Date: 18/02/2014
    Category: Press Releases
    Highly trained employees are used to coaching and personal development programmes in the workplace. Lifelong learning, however, is also a must for low-skilled workers, in order to be able to work and survive in the labour market of the future. But it is difficult to organise in practice, and often they are not open to the idea. With the support of the European Social Fund (ESF) Vlerick Business School, together with the not-for-profit association “Wonen en Werken Opleiding”, developed a tool called “Stevig in de steigers”. This fun and user-friendly low-threshold tool provides support to executives during their coaching conversations with their employees.
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