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  1. Belgian growth companies display conservative approach to acquisitions

    Date: 27/06/2014
    Category: Press Releases
    EY and Vlerick Business School have published the first Belgian edition of the M&A Barometer. This shows that Belgian growth companies made fewer acquisitions in 2013 than in any year since 2009. Although over six out of ten companies consider acquisitions useful, only half have dared to take the plunge in the last three years. This conservative attitude distinguishes Belgian acquirers from their counterparts in the rest of Europe.
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  2. Bonuses increasingly part of employees’ pay packet

    Date: 25/06/2014
    Category: Press Releases
    Much has been written about bonuses for senior executives. Now, however, it seems that an increasing number of administrative support functions are also entitled to a bonus. This growth is largely a result of the collective labour agreement of 20 December 2007 concerning non-recurrent result-based bonuses, also called the CAO 90. Bonuses that meet the conditions of this CLA, the most important of which is that the bonuses must be linked to the collective instead of the individual performance, are subject to a favourable (para)fiscal regime. Together with Hudson and Claeys & Engels Vlerick did a study in which 459 companies participated.
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  3. New chair with Elia on the future of the energy landscape

    Date: 17/06/2014
    Category: Press Releases
    The Elia Group, one of Europe's top five system operators, has joined forces with Vlerick Business School to establish a Chair that will look closely at the future of the energy landscape, and more specifically the impact on electricity grids. In the near future, the grid operators’ sector will have to face major changes resulting from developments in the field of technology, regulation and market organisation. The Chair will be in place for a five-year period.
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