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    Is Belgium ready for access to innovative medications and treatments?

    Date: 30/06/2015
    Category: Press Releases
    The Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre is publishing the results of its Oncology Horizon Scanning project which examines whether Belgium is ready to provide access to the innovative, personalised treatments and medications which are in the pipeline. These are mainly for Cancer, the second most common disease in Belgium and a therapeutic field which is currently characterised by a great deal of progress and innovation. In these times of economic austerity and budgetary constraints in the healthcare sector, it is a social challenge to nonetheless provide access to this new generation of drugs which offer significant therapeutic benefits yet also involve significant costs.
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  2. Entrepreneurship only featured to a limited extent in Flemish news programmes

    Date: 13/06/2015
    Category: Press Releases
    Only a fraction of Flemish news reports are dedicated to entrepreneurship, and this news is mainly financial and economic in nature. Only 4% of the news items relate to innovations and creative ideas. It is striking that civil society organisations and politicians play a very active role in the news reports about entrepreneurship. This is apparent from a study carried out by Vlerick Business School, the first to investigate how the various facets of entrepreneurship are portrayed in Flemish news programmes.
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  3. Perception and attractiveness of entrepreneurship in Flanders remains relatively low

    Date: 19/05/2015
    Category: Press Releases
    Half of all Flemish people consider entrepreneurship a good career choice, yet the proportion of Flemish people who believe that successful entrepreneurs are held in high regard in Flanders is considerably lower. Moreover, the individual self-perception trend is continuing on its downward course. The Flemish see opportunities to launch their own companies, but they do not trust their own abilities and are held back by a fear of failure. Generally, Flanders boasts relatively few budding and new entrepreneurs compared to other countries. Last but not least, both budding and more experienced entrepreneurs seem to enjoy a relatively high level of emotional well-being. These are the main findings of the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.
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