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Smaranda Boros (Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour)

Portretpicture of Smaranda Boros“Because it always keeps you on your toes. Because you really do feel you get to be a part of building something bigger.  Because you get to work with warm, friendly colleagues. And because it's great fun.

Most educational organizations claim they are dynamic and innovative. However, more often than not, when you try to colour outside the lines and come up with new ideas, you very quickly find the boundaries of an organization's appetite for creativity. Keeping the status quo trumps innovation more often than not. And that is something I don't feel here. There is something terribly refreshing about working in a School that allows professionalism to intertwine with fun and play, and fosters creativity in both content and procedures. And you get to do all that with people you really like!”

David Veredas (Professor of Financial Markets)

Portretpicture of Smaranda Boros“As a seasoned international Faculty member with world-wide experience, Vlerick offers me what is expected from a top European Business School: professionalism, pragmatism, and vitality.

For instance, upon my arrival I met everyone -from staff to the Dean- and followed training courses on the operations, culture, and teaching style of the School. One would say that this is a warm welcome!”

Deva Rangarajan (Associate Professor of Marketing)

Portretpicture of Deva Rangarajan"Be part of an elite business school that is actively shaping the regional business ecosystem in the heart of Europe"

Yuliya Shymko (Assistant Professor of Strategy)

Portretpicture of Yuliya Shymko“Vlerick Business School provides you with a whole range of professional experiences that go beyond purely academic work.
Moreover it opens up a space of possibilities for personal growth and professional development”

Fredrik Hacklin
Professor of Entrepreneurship

20 February 2017

“What are the consequences and implications of technological change, digital disruption and blurring industry boundaries for an established firm?” With a background in strategy, technology and innovation, Fredrik Hacklin has a keen interest in strategic entrepreneurship, lying at the intersection of these fields. He joined Vlerick as Professor of Entrepreneurship in February 2017.

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