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    1. Masters Open Day Leuven

      Date : 07 December 2016
      Category : Masters Info Sessions

      Experience our Vlerick programmes by following 2 free workshops during the Masters Open Days.

    1. Executive Remuneration Conference 2016

      Date : 07 December 2016
      Category : Conferences

      In this conference, Vlerick Business School’s Executive Remuneration Research Centre, together with GUBERNA takes a look at executive remuneration in Europe

    1. Career Days

      Date : 06 December 2016
      Category : Career Events

      Give a workshop or send a key note business speaker to challenge our students and introduce them to your company.

    1. Vlerick Alumni get-together in Moscow

      Date : 01 December 2016
      Category : Alumni Events

      Looking to recharge your professional batteries? Our Alumni get-together has just the spark you’re looking for!

    1. The Autonomous Vehicle & its revolutionary impact on your business

      Date : 24 November 2016
      Category : Alumni Events

      “Driverless Vehicles” will soon have an enormous impact on our businesses, our lives and on society as whole. To help you prepare your business for this revolution, Vlerick Alumni offers you the vision and opinion of several experts. This will be your opportunity to learn about what is expected by when & how you may prepare your business for it.”

    1. 13th HR Symposium

      Date : 24 November 2016
      Category : Alumni Events

      Join the HR Symposium during this 2day program together with other HR master class alumni and find out more on Resilience from an HR perspective.

    1. Vlerick Venture Talks

      Date : 23 November 2016
      Category : Research Events

      Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit in your veins? Have you been dreaming of being an entrepreneur yourself? Then, Vlerick Venture Talks might be your perfect source of inspiration. Vlerick...

    1. Masters Open Day Ghent Campus

      Date : 09 November 2016
      Category : Masters Info Sessions

      Experience our Masters 2017! Looking for a masters programme that will kick start your career? We're eager to help you find the perfect match!   Join our Masters Open Day at our Ghent...

295 results Number of Results per Page

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