Executive Remuneration in Europe - Unveiling the drivers of executive behaviour

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European top executives: How much are they paid? What are they paid for?
Which changes can we expect in executive remuneration?

Vlerick Business School has developed a strong competence and reputation in the field of reward management. Every year, its Executive Remuneration Research Centre conducts an in-depth research into the remuneration reports of listed firms in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This enables the centre to provide data on executive remuneration levels, the design of short- and long-term incentives, pay structures, etc. This year, a specific focus is added in order to find out whether there are any differences in remuneration related to gender and age of the CEO, as well as of the chair of the remuneration committee. On 9 December, the main results of this yearly study will be unfolded.

While the study and the data are looking at the present, this conference also wants to take a forward-looking perspective. In order to achieve this, a broad number of stakeholders (including academics, board members, HR professionals, Compensation & benefits professionals, but also an ‘independent think tank established to monitor pay at the top’) will give their views on the main challenges in executive remuneration, as well as their opinion on the future outlook of executive remuneration.


09h00 Welcome coffee

Getting the latest insights on executive remuneration throughout Europe, with a focus on remuneration levels, structures and drivers.

Results of the yearly analysis of remuneration reports of more than 600 companies in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK

Prof. Dr. Xavier Baeten, Professor Reward & Sustainability, Vlerick Business School
10h30 Coffee break

Unravelling developments and challenges in executive remuneration – a view by key stakeholders

A helicopter perspective, combining academic and governance insights complemented with perspectives of an HR practitioner, Compensation & benefits manager and a consultant’s view.

Prof. Dr. Lutgart Van den Berghe, Executive Director Guberna, Partner Vlerick Business School

Keynote: The need for change in executive remuneration?! The opinion of an important watchdog in the United Kingdom (the High Pay Centre)

“The High Pay Centre is an independent non-party think tank established to monitor pay at the top of the income distribution and set out a road map towards better business and economic success.”

Experts from the High Pay Centre, UK
 12h30  Walking lunch

We are looking forward to welcoming you at this exclusive conference!

Kind regards,

Lutgart Van den Berghe
Executive Director GUBERNA
Partner Vlerick Business School


Prof Dr Xavier Baeten
Head Vlerick Reward Centre
Partner Vlerick Business School

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