Hendrik Devriendt, CURANDO O.L.V van 7 Weeën Ruiselede vzw
Assisting General Director

"The Executive Development Programme gave me far-reaching insights into policy and professionalism in the area of strategic research. Measurement is essential in this, so we must pay attention to diverse ‘outcome indicators’ that have not fully penetrated our non-profit sector. But to create value ‘together’, a coherent framework is also essential. So, we will have to work on behavioural change from the perspective of ‘Individuals working hard add value; people working together multiply value!’ Creating something new, instead of striving with something old – but also remembering that, where people are working, mistakes are made.

This learning experience, spread over 1 year, is motivating and provides new practice-oriented frameworks, with lots of exercises, supplemented with personal feedback from the sounding-board groups. Add to this the wealth of diversity among the participants, the great interaction with the instructors, and the Vlerick approach ... and you have plenty of reasons to encourage the non-profit sector to attend the Executive Development Programme. Do it!"


Koen van den Bosch, Thomas Cook & Pegase
Sales & Distribution Manager

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. And this statement applies to the Executive Development Programme as well – it makes you and your brain travel and experience new insights, together with a mix of other talented participants who enrich the journey. The insights have a clear and well-founded theoretical basis, which the team of passionate professors connect to business cases related to your day-to-day business. All of the modules are linked and refer to one another – offering a selection of off-the-shelf solutions that can be easily implemented for some quick wins, which give you the oxygen to initiate larger projects. The exchange with participants from other sectors is a great plus – challenging your projects and yourself. On a personal level, the programme provides you with new insights into yourself and your development as a manager. Confrontational, but enriching – and a great basis for evolving further. In other words, a great journey – on both the personal and the professional levels – with a great network to challenge you … and to stay in touch with!"

Parcifal Coeman Parcifal Coeman, Klein Strand
General Director

“The Executive Development Programme is a must-do for every middle manager.
Sharing experiences with other talented participants from a variety of sectors, and guided by inspiring professors, the programme has been an enrichment for both myself and my company. Moreover, the professors show sincere interest in the participants’ various business situations – which facilitates applicability and implementation enormously.
No need to think twice: choose this programme to give your brains more oxygen!”
 Hans Aerts

Hans Aerts, Derbigum
R&D Manager

"Like many managers, I had questions about my own way of working, from HR related issues to Strategy and Finance. The Middle Management Programme gave me the opportunity to better understand certain management areas and moreover, how they are related. I started looking at business cases from a different angle. Thanks to the input and questions from the other participants with different backgrounds, the programme became a learning journey rather than just another training."

Sam Perneel

Sam Perneel, AG Real Estate
Investment Manager

“I found the Executive Development Programme to be a fascinating learning journey for deepening my management knowledge and skills! The tools that Vlerick provides in the areas of strategy, change management, marketing, communication, finance, HR, negotiation skills (and more) generate new insights that you can put to use immediately – and, energised by the inspiring instructors, you want to put them to use as soon as possible. The sharing of experience among 20 fellow participants from almost as many different sectors adds extra value to the programme. No general theories, but messages and tools that stay with you.”

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