Key take-aways

Strategy in turbulent times (Prof Carine Peeters)

When change is the only certain thing around you, how your company organises to take strategic decisions may be even more critical than what strategy you decide on. Because the ability to shift gears is the key to successfully navigating market turbulences. And for that, the strategy making process can be your best ally – provided you design it carefully.

Get your teams to trust the process – and you will be amazed by your organisation’s ability – and willingness! – to change quickly.

Nail your elevator pitch (Prof Veroniek Collewaert)

You’ve got something valuable to say – but your audience has precious little time to listen. So you need to get your elevator pitch perfect. This practical, hands-on session will give you examples, tips and tricks to help you develop a pitch for your company, yourself or your ideas. It will help you to grab your audiences’ attentions and to avoid common mistakes.

Because if you can’t persuade and you can’t get buy-in, even the best idea in the world is worth nothing.

Is marketing dead? (Prof Koen Tackx)

Advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications are under seige. Advances in technology mean the relationships between consumers, products, services and businesses are more subtle and complex than ever before. And advances in technology mean that the ways we can and have to – sell change almost by the month. So is there a place for the
traditional marketing mix in this new world? What’s the value proposition for marketing as a discipline?

In this Feed Your Mind session, we’ll be looking at the new future of marketing – and questioning if we even need it at all.

Is the new world of work that new?
And if it is, what can we learn from it? (Prof Dirk Buyens)

Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - that’s the world we’re all working in. And we don’t give ourselves a chance of handling it if we simply sit behind a desk from 9-5. Instead, we work from anywhere at any time. But how do we make sure that anytime, anywhere does not become all the time and everywhere? Because being “always on” can hinder performance and morale. This New World of Work has to work for us, not against us. And in this Feed Your Mind session, we’ll investigate how to make that happen. We’ll investigate the way organisations, team leaders and team members need to share responsibilities. And we’ll explore how to turn the New World of Work into a success story.