The following faculty members will be involved in the 'Management Acceleration Programme: Young Managers':

Peter De Prins  Prof Peter De Prins is an expert in coaching and change management. He focuses on the practical use of theoretical and academic models
 Bram Doolaege Bram Doolaege
 Katleen De Stobbeleir

Prof Katleen De Stobbeleir is a professor in leadership at Vlerick Business School.

Katleen is an expert in leadership development, coaching and feedback skills. She also is the co-author of the book ‘Essentials Leiderschap’

 Hans Crijns Prof Hans Crijns, Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School.
 Miguel Meuleman

Prof Miguel Meuleman, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School. 

Miguel Meuleman is focusing on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. He is passionate about the process and people behind new venture ideas. In his research he studies how entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs successfully identify and exploit new opportunities. He looks at different aspects of the new venture creation process: opportunity identification techniques, business model generation, managing uncertainty and financing new ventures.

 Geert Vanhees

Geert Vanhees, Managing Partner at 4Growth, has extensive expertise in brand positioning exercises.

 Frank Goedertier

Prof Frank Goedertier, Professor of Marketing at Vlerick Business School.

Frank Goedertier is an expert in Brand Management and Marketing Communications. In his recent work he concentrates on developing theories to successfully engage in branding in the digital age and in developing simple marketing tactics to efficiently communicate in an information overload era.

 Mathieu Luypaert

Prof Mathieu Luypaert, Professor of Corporate Finance at Vlerick Business School.

Specialising in value creation through Mergers and Acquisitions. He teaches courses on corporate finance in several Masters, MBA and executive programmes.

 Frank Caron Frank Caron
 Inge De Clippeleer

Inge De Clippeleer  is responsible for the Vlerick Centre for Excellence in Career Management.

Thanks to this she keeps her finger on the pulse of new trends and challenges regarding career management and self-management.

 Smaranda Boros

Prof Smaranda Boros teaches Organisational Behaviour at Vlerick Business School.

She is an expert in diversity in organisations and team dynamics.

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