Programmes in ICT & Business Process Management


Intensive programmes

This intensive, high-level management programme provides you with a theoretical, conceptual and practical foundation for understanding and applying the latest techniques and insights in Business Process Management. It is a long-term programme that requires about three years of experience.

Length: 17 days
Language: English
Start: 01/10/2015

Short focused Programmes

Our short focused  programmes address today’s most relevant business issues in a short but intense programme format. The number of programme days varies from 1 to 4 days, dependent on the programme.

Length: 6 modules, from 1.30pm to 8pm
Language: Dutch
Start: 25/04/2016
Length: 3 days
Language: English
Start: 14/12/2015
Length: 5 days
Language: English
Start: 22/08/2016
Length: 3 days
Language: English
Start: 07/12/2015
Length: 3 days
Language: Dutch or English
Start: 04/11/2015
Length: 3 days
Language: English
Start: 12/10/2015

Drive real change in your organisation

A learning experience with real impact on your operations? A management programme tailored to the specific needs of your business? Contact us and discover how we can design and deliver customised programmes for your team that add genuine value to your organisation.

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Programmes in ICT & Business Process Management

Vlerick expertise in ICT & Business Process Management

  1. Hello bank! The birth of a mobile bank

    The case takes us back to June 2013, a few weeks after the BNP Paribas Group, a leading bank in the Euro zone, had introduced an innovative mobile retail bank - 'Hello Bank!' - in Belgium and Germany, with France and Italy set to launch later that year. We follow the reasoning behind the development of Hello bank! and offer insight into why the Group’s senior management gave the utmost strategic priority to this project.
  2. Fast fish eat slow fish

    During the past couple of years Business Transformation has become a hype. That is mainly due to the underlying factors that drive companies to transform: global economic shifts, changes in governmental regulations, mergers, competitive threats, performance crises, technological change and many more. All of these factors create environmental turbulence for companies. Therefore, building Business Transformation capabilities has become a precondition for businesses to safeguard continuity as well as long-term success.
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