The following faculty members will be involved in 'Product Management':

Koen Tackx

Prof Koen Tackx is the programme director of this course.

He specialises in strategy and marketing, with an industry focus on energy, financial services and telecommunications. He will discuss how to create and capture value and how to manage your product portfolio.

Walter Van Dyck

Prof Walter Van Dyck leads the Innovation Management Center and is an expert in technology-based business models and corporate innovation strategies.

Based on this experience, he will elaborate on how you can transform an innovative idea into a real product.

Frank Goedertier

Prof Frank Goedertier is Head of the Consumer Marketing, Retail & Branding cluster.

Since communication & branding is an essential part in launching new products, Frank will share his expertise on these topics with you.

Peter De Prins Prof Peter De Prins is Director of the Centre of Expertise on Coaching at Vlerick Business School. He will learn you how you can influence the internal stakeholders (e.g. your R&D, sales & marketing colleagues, who are involved in the success of your products) within your organisation.

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