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The programme ‘Negotiating to Create Value’ has 5 modules. These modules consist of:

Module 1: From bargain to value creation

  • Acquiring the parameters of successful negotiation
  • Exploring the mechanisms of value creation
  • Knowing and optimising your personal negotiation profile; the right balance between objectives and relationships
  • How can you establish credibility through trust, transparency and flexibility?

Module 2: Developing an Optimal Negotiating Climate and a Sustainable Relationship

  • Different negotiation strategies and their consequences
  • Understanding and managing positions, interests and options
  • Developing a climate that promotes a mutually beneficial relationship
  • What are the basic principles of verbal, non-verbal and other communications?

Module 3: Handling Emotions and Conflicts during a Negotiation

  • Managing your own triggers
  • Handling emotions, conflicts and difficult behaviour
  • Using and countering power positively
  • Turning conflict into value: how to recognise and respond to manipulation tactics?

Module 4: Developing a Three-Dimensional Negotiation Strategy

  • Mastering the three-phase planning model for negotiations
  • Defining the spectrum of negotiators and their respective roles
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • How to move from negotiation to persuasion?

Module 5: Moving up to Another Level

  • Capturing culture in negotiation
  • Building coalitions and partnerships across different stakeholders
  • Managing multi-party negotiation
  • How to leverage your company’s negotiation skills

The Vlerick Difference

We have a unique approach to learning, which focuses on bringing theory to life, giving you the skills and insight you need to really make a difference. Spend time on our beautiful campuses, and you become part of one of the most active business communities in Europe, learning in a way that will help you to be a more effective and productive business leader throughout your career. Learning at Vlerick really is an experience far away from traditional classroom learning. You’ll work collaboratively with your faculty and fellow participants to bring your ideas to life in a robust and practical way.

Digital − the new normal in business − will also strengthen your learning process. Our online platform ‘Showpad’ and the use of a tablet grant you access to all of the learning materials anywhere, anytime, and enable you to go beyond note-taking: take pictures of the flipchart during a brainstorming exercise, record a video of a role play, participate in a quick poll, create a Wikipage together … and share them on the spot with your group.

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