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The programme 'Management for the hospital professional' consists of 5 modules:

Module 1: Strategy and leadership

  • How you can create more value by focusing on the organisation’s strategy and cascading it down to each department.
  • Learn how to build and implement a forward-looking strategy that helps you differentiate from other hospitals. Define answers to current hospital challenges (given the specific regulation in the sector) and lead your team to handle these challenges. 
  • Discover the difference between management and leadership and how to obtain real strategic commitment from your people. 

Module 2: Operations

  • Develop insight into process and operations management principles to improve the quality and efficiency of care. 
  • Receive a toolbox to help you define, measure, analyse, improve and control your hospital’s operational performance. Identify and solve hospital inefficiencies – such as bottlenecks, waste and process variability – by applying specific concepts and techniques. 
  • Through a simulation case, apply the tools in an operation wing setting. 
  • Learn how to collect data, visualise process flows, and use this information to improve decision-making.

Module 3: Finance

  • Identify financial resources for hospitals and understand their characteristics: honoraria, pharmaceutical products, nursing fees, RIZIV/INAMI, … 
  • Learn about the specific regulation, accounting and economic logic of hospital financing. How do changes in the financial structure influence the management of the hospital? 
  • From data registration to information: impact on financing.

Module 4: Accounting

  • Introduction to key concepts in accounting and finance, such as: assets and liabilities, costs and yields, income and expenditure, and cash flow.
  • Learn how to read the hospital’s financial statement. Understand financial reports, including the balance sheet and profit-and-loss account.
  • Master all key concepts via the interactive FAST© simulation game.
  • Cost calculation in hospitals: what, why and how?
  • Discover how Activity Based Costing can help you control costs proactively.

Module 5: People

  • How are you as a person and how do you deal with different personalities in a professional context?
  • How can you improve your team’s performance through better people management? Discover how you can engage with your people more effectively. 
  • Assess your own people management style and identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Negotiating and dealing with conflicts.

The Vlerick Difference

We have a unique approach to learning, which focuses on bringing theory to life, giving you the skills and insight you need to really make a difference. Spend time on our beautiful campuses, and you become part of one of the most active business communities in Europe, learning in a way that will help you to be a more effective and productive business leader throughout your career. Learning at Vlerick really is an experience far away from traditional classroom learning. You’ll work collaboratively with your faculty and fellow participants to bring your ideas to life in a robust and practical way.

Digital − the new normal in business − will also strengthen your learning process. Our online platform ‘Showpad’ and the use of a tablet grant you access to all of the learning materials anywhere, anytime, and enable you to go beyond note-taking: take pictures of the flipchart during a brainstorming exercise, record a video of a role play, participate in a quick poll, create a Wikipage together … and share them on the spot with your group.

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