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Brainstorm session
Management Essentials

The first weeks we make sure that everyone has the essential building blocks to go on to the core domains. You will receive introductions on Statistics, Economics and Financial Accounting, as well as a Creativity workshop.

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Marketing Analysis

Consumer Behaviour

The objective of the Consumer Behaviour module is to gain insight in what drives people’s choice and consumption. We will introduce you to some fundamental concepts in consumer psychology and how to put them to use in consumer marketing. We will cover general consumer psychology, target groups and trends. Last but not least, we’ll give the floor to professionals working with consumers (in market research, advertising, trends research...) to see how they think and talk about consumers.

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Market Research

The aim of this course is to develop your understanding of market research methodology for better marketing decision-making. We will not only discuss the basics (data collection, survey design and sampling), but also explore specific data analysis applications of marketing research. This is done by means of actual experience in the field, conducting qualitative research, collecting survey data and analyzing the data during computer lab-sessions.

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Marketing Engineering

As any functional domain, marketing needs to deliver return on investment. The best way to ensure that it does, is to use market facts and figures to predict market evolutions, to measure market success and to understand customer needs. The marketing engineering module provides some applied tools for doing just that. The objective is to learn how to use marketing data in making decisions to better understand the market and to optimize a company's performance.

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Key Management skills

Negotiation Skills

The course offers participants opportunities to analyse and interpret negotiation information, identify the interest that underpin initial negotiation positions, develop innovative options, and compile dedicated negotiation strategies and plans. Throughout the course, many negotiation exercises will take place and the post-negotiation debriefings allow ‘negotiators’ to share and broaden their insights.

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Corporate & Managerial Responsibility

In this course, we give you a better understanding of the larger context for businesses, facing globalisation. It is not only about business ethics but covers a broad range of topics and disciplinary perspectives and offers concrete managerial tools. Among the central themes of the course will be: business ethics, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management, socially responsible investment.

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The course Entrepreneurship gives you an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship, focusing on the development and management of opportunities, writing business plans and attracting resources. It also discusses the milestones in an entrepreneurial business and the various stages in the company’s development Business Plan and will bring you in contact with many individual Entrepreneurs during several events. You, in a team, will also be asked to write a business plan for a start-up company of your choice, providing a value-creating business model, strategy, a marketing, production and HR-plan, and, finally, a financial plan and a financing strategy. You will present your business plan to a jury including venture capitalists and maybe your plan might win the Vlerick Business Plan Award!

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Marketing Strategy

This course is meant to offer a basic insight in competitive and marketing strategy. We will challenge you to think strategically about a company and its position in a given industry. We will offer you the basic building blocks to develop a marketing strategic plan and the analytical skills necessary to support strategic marketing decisions. You will learn to conduct an in-depth internal and external analysis, formulate strategic alternatives and write and defend a strategic marketing plan.

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Marketing implementation

Interactive Marketing

The objective of the course is to get a clear understanding of the basics, the challenges and the future of interactive marketing. It covers a wide variety of topics going from 'traditional' direct marketing to mobile and location-based marketing. Having insights in the basics and also in the advanced stuff should enable every student to develop a strong interactive case, campaign and strategy for different types of companies.

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Marketing Communication & Branding

This course brings you a mix of marketing communication basics and new perspectives related to the rapidly evolving context we live in. The explicit objective of the course is to make you familiar with key marketing communication and branding concepts. Furthermore, we will provide you insights on how to apply these concepts in a real-life setting. 

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Pricing Strategy

Pricing has an impact on the financial performance of an organization, as well as long-term implications for brand equity, market positioning and standing against key competitors. From the consumer’s perspective, price has an impact on both perceived value and delivered value of a product or service. It also affects perceptions of one product against another and their relative positioning in terms of quality and value. In this course we will learn to apply data-driven marketing tools to the implementation of pricing strategy.

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Product Management

This course introduces you to essential product management concepts and frameworks. Specific attention is devoted to product strategy and the development of new products. Furthermore, the concepts of product leadership strategy and firm acquisition are illustrated through real-life case studies.

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Retail & Trade Marketing

In this course, we will first discuss trade marketing or how manufacturers can create a distribution network or set up cooperations with retailers. We will move on to retail marketing or marketing from retailer to consumer / shopper and conclude with a business game to discover why cooperation between the different parties involved in the supply chain is key.

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Sales Management

This course covers professional selling from the perspective of business development in major accounts under hypercompetitive business conditions. It is targeted to those who are interested in the strategies and activities associated with key account management; i.e. the process of formulating selling strategies, implementing, and evaluating a sales programme. It includes communication, selling and negotiating techniques. You will be given the opportunity to practice key concepts and methods through in-class role-play exercises and presentations.

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Services Marketing

Changes in the world economy and business practice have led to an increased focus on customer service.  Specific needs of service industries, coupled with technological advances and the growing importance of the customer, have helped firms realize the unique challenges and opportunities presented by value-added services.  With this in mind, this course discusses the characteristics of services and their operational management.  It also gives you the opportunity to engage in several ‘hands-on’ service evaluations from developing service blueprints and cascades to understanding service recoveries and guarantees. 

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Business Market Management

Marketing has become increasingly important in industrial markets. Even though the core principles of marketing apply to both the B2C and B2B sector, there are important differences. The fact that technology plays a bigger part in business marketing than in consumer marketing, the one-to-one mutually dependent relationships between customers and suppliers, as well as a host of other properties make business market management a special topic. This course will give you a better understanding of organizations as customers. You will learn about important recent developments in the area of B2B branding, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC).

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