Admissions Test


We organise the test on a monthly basis on our campuses in Belgium and also in a number of other countries.

Upcoming admissions test dates

  • Tests in Belgium:
    • 26 April in Ghent
    • 17 May in Brussels
    • Upon request
  • Testing abroad

What is the vlerick business admissions test?

When you apply through the VBAT you’ll take an analytical test, a verbal test and a face-to-face interview on the same day.

  • The English-spoken interview will focus on your motivation and your knowledge and management potential. We will ask you to explain your motivation for taking the programme and your expectations of it. In addition, we will assess your oral English language skills and your knowledge of current events and the socio-economic environment.
  • The analytical test is a computer based, multiple choice test. It assesses whether you can quickly recognise, understand and apply mathematical and statistical reasoning. It’ll take you 20 minutes.
  • The verbal test is also a computer based, multiple choice test which assesses your ability to interpret short business texts correctly and to make the right decisions on the basis of this information. It'll take you 25 minutes.

How do I sign up for the test?

Select a test date and venue in the application form. A few days before you’ll receive an email with your time schedule for the analytical and verbal test and the interview. Test days may quickly fill up so make sure you apply early!

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