Arshvir left India to get his MBA

"Brussels really is the ideal place to study international business."

Arshvir singh (india)

As a software developer at TATA Consultancy Services in India, Arshvir Singh was in a highly technical role. But he’d always been passionate about the managerial side of business. So after several years with the company, he decided to up his game and take on an MBA. 

He considered various programmes in the USA, UK and Europe – then he got in touch with a number of Vlerick alumni. They gave him a really good sense of what Vlerick was all about – and what he could expect from the MBA programme. So in 2015 he made the move to Belgium – and the Vlerick full-time MBA.

Arshvir says: “One of the deciding factors was Vlerick’s location in Brussels. It’s such a significant city in terms of business and government. And Vlerick really makes the most of its position. Throughout the programme we heard from guest speakers from top organisations – including Brussels Airlines, BNP Paribas, Siemens and Deloitte. And there were ample opportunities to meet with start-ups and SMEs, as well as large corporates at careers fairs and events. It really is the ideal place to study international business.”

Arshvir believes another advantage of studying in Brussels is the opportunity to network – which is a fundamental part of professional life. He says: “I’ve made so many connections – not simply in Belgium but also across the globe – from current students and alumni through to distinguished businesspeople. I know I’ll be drawing on my network in the future.

“At first living in Brussels was a challenge – there were so many cultural differences. But it’s such a welcoming city. And now I’ve lived and studied abroad, I feel as though I could go anywhere in the world and thrive.”

He signed up for Vlerick’s Executive MBA to learn more about running a business. Bart Van der Roost says: “I started my MBA at Vlerick in 2012. I just didn’t think I had all the theoretical knowledge I needed to really be a good manager. It’s almost as if I was afraid, deep down inside, that someone would come up to me one day and just tell me I was actually doing everything wrong.”

From the very outset, he was blown away by the teaching approach – and even more so when his professors tailored and adapted the course content to his precise needs. And in amongst working, studying and family life, he also found an opportunity to take all his classmates to a concert by the Brussels Philharmonic. He says: “It was a wonderful evening – half of them had never set foot inside a classical concert hall before.”

He adds: “When I was studying, we were sometimes on tour for two weeks or more. I would hurry back to the hotel after the concert, log into Skype and follow lectures. I was doing assignments and preparing for lectures on the bus, for dozens of hours a week for almost two years.

The Executive MBA at Vlerick pushed me to my limits and helped me to understand myself. Because, to be honest, the biggest value I gained wasn’t the knowledge. It was that by the end of it, you know yourself better than ever before.

I now know that I’m a real go-getter, with a passion for enterprise all the time. I also now know that even though I thought of myself as a pretty good team leader, I had a lot to learn. Then there are the connections you make and the huge network of people you’ll know for the rest of your life.”

Arshvir says: “The MBA programme has given me a solid grounding in business theory and practice. Before I started at Vlerick, I was inexperienced in many of the financial aspects of business management. But now I’ve extended my knowledge of this area substantially. I feel confident in it – and will continue to build on it.”

Now he’s graduated, Arshvir plans to stay in Brussels. He says: “I’m currently exploring a number of opportunities. I’m looking for a management role at a large IT company that will allow me to use my experience from TATA and build on my MBA skills and knowledge.

“But over the next few years I plan to hold positions in a variety of business functions to gain a wide breadth of experience. I’ll then combine this with my entrepreneurial spirit to set up my own company. That’s my long-term goal.”

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