Setting the stage

Optional Language Courses

Two-week language introduction in Dutch or French (optional)

The Vlerick MBA Programme is entirely in English. But, you will be living in a country in which the native tongue is either Dutch or French.  Now, don’t worry, unlike many European countries, most Belgians are proficient in English and are very happy to communicate with you in English. However, it is always nice to have an understanding of the native language and, in the job search, it can be incredibly helpful. Therefore, Vlerick offers intensive introductory courses in both French and Dutch, which take place the last two weeks of August.

These courses are optional and are at an additional cost (250 euro). When you register for the MBA programme, you will be able to subscribe for the language course of your choice (Dutch or French).  This gives you an opportunity to begin preparing for your future international business career. 

Andrey Pol

“By offering a choice of two basic-level language courses – French and Dutch – Vlerick provided us with an excellent opportunity to improve our language skills. Also, given the fact that some employers in Belgium require knowledge of at least one of the country's national languages, by completing these courses we can show the recruiter that we are willing to learn it.”  

Andrey Pol, FT MBA Alumni

Managing Across Cultures

This course considers the issues and problems of managing in different cultures, in particular the 'people problems' that invariably arise in international business relationships.  Failure on the part of managers to appreciate and deal with the differences in attitudes, values and behaviour of those with whom they interact in international business transactions consistently has been shown to be a major source of difficulties.  The course involves marrying theories and concepts from the broad fields of 'culture' and 'international business' and applying them to problems typically confronted by managers involved in international business.

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