Bart Verwaeren


Bart Verwaeren holds a master degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and HR Management (Ghent University). He joined Vlerick Business School in January 2010. Bart works as a researcher at the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards and the Executive Remuneration Research Centre. His main research interests are in reward management and executive remuneration.


Job Title : Research Fellow

Management Domain
Human Resource Management

Expert in
Human Resource Management
Reward Management
Creativity and Innovation
Governance & Ethics


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Verwaeren B. Van Hoye G. Baeten X.  forthcoming. Getting Bang for Your Buck: The Specificity of Compensation and Benefits Information in Job Advertisements. International Journal of Human Resource Management,

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2012. Flexible rewards from a strategic rewards perspective. Compensation & Benefits Review, 44(1): 40-49.

Book Chapters

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2012. Rewarding for performance. In: Slagmulder R. Verweire K. Dewettinck K. Ed. Managing for performance excellence (pp. 158-180).

Conference Presentations

  • Verwaeren B.  2014. Rewarding for outcomes vs. behaviour and creativity: an information processing perspective. Paper presented at 29th EIASM Workshop on Strategic Human Resources Management, April 24-25, Ajaccio, France.

  • Verwaeren B. Baeten X.  2012. Reward proposition specificity: outcomes from a fit and signaling perspective. Paper presented at Academy of Management Annual Conference, August 1, Boston, United States.

  • Verwaeren B. Baeten X.  2011. Reward Management Effectiveness from a Line Managers' Perspective: The Role of Devolvement and HR Support. Paper presented at The biannual Dutch HRM conference, November 10-11, Groningen, the Netherlands.

Conference Proceedings

Doctoral dissertation

  • Verwaeren B.  2017. It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it – The effect of accountability focus on individual exploratory search. Ghent University (Promotor: Buyens D.).

Research reports

  • Verwaeren B.  2014. Rewarding for innovation 2014. Can rewards lift your company's creative and innovative performance?. 

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2011. Rewarding for innovation: can rewards drive the creative and innovative performance of a company?. Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards. (18 p.)

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2011. Mastering bonus systems. How do bonuses influence employee behaviour and business outcomes?. Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards. (32 p.)

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2011. Executive remuneration in Europe 2011: data on executive remuneration in listed firms in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Executive Remuneration Research Centre. (25 p.)