Bart Verwaeren

Job Title : Doctoral Research Associate

Management Domain
Human Resource Management

Expert in
Human Resource Management
Reward Management
Creativity and Innovation
Governance & Ethics


Bart Verwaeren holds a master degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and HR Management (Ghent University). He joined Vlerick Business School in January 2010. Bart works as a researcher at the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards and the Executive Remuneration Research Centre. His main research interests are in reward management and executive remuneration.



Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Verwaeren B. Van Hoye G. Baeten X.  forthcoming. Getting Bang for Your Buck: The Specificity of Compensation and Benefits Information in Job Advertisements. International Journal of Human Resource Management,

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2012. Flexible rewards from a strategic rewards perspective. Compensation & Benefits Review, 44(1): 40-49.

Book Chapters

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2012. Rewarding for performance. In: Slagmulder R. Verweire K. Dewettinck K. Ed. Managing for performance excellence (pp. 158-180).

Conference Presentations

  • Verwaeren B.  2014. Rewarding for outcomes vs. behaviour and creativity: an information processing perspective. Paper presented at 29th EIASM Workshop on Strategic Human Resources Management, April 24-25, Ajaccio, France.

  • Verwaeren B. Baeten X.  2012. Reward proposition specificity: outcomes from a fit and signaling perspective. Paper presented at Academy of Management Annual Conference, August 1, Boston, United States.

  • Verwaeren B. Baeten X.  2011. Reward Management Effectiveness from a Line Managers' Perspective: The Role of Devolvement and HR Support. Paper presented at The biannual Dutch HRM conference, November 10-11, Groningen, the Netherlands.

Conference Proceedings

Research reports

  • Verwaeren B.  2014. Rewarding for innovation 2014. Can rewards lift your company's creative and innovative performance?. 

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2011. Rewarding for innovation: can rewards drive the creative and innovative performance of a company?. Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards. (18 p.)

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2011. Mastering bonus systems. How do bonuses influence employee behaviour and business outcomes?. Centre for Excellence in Strategic Rewards. (32 p.)

  • Baeten X. Verwaeren B.  2011. Executive remuneration in Europe 2011: data on executive remuneration in listed firms in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Executive Remuneration Research Centre. (25 p.)