Bert Paesbrugghe

Job Title : Research Associate

Management Domain
Marketing & Sales

Expert in
Sales Management
Strategic procurement
Managing the Sales Force


Bert Paesbrugghe is a research associate in the Area Marketing & Sales. He conducts academic and applied research in the field of sales management, procurement, pricing and sales force effectiveness. He studied Applied Economics at Ghent University. He studied at the University Carlos 3 Madrid and at the University of Granada. He did an internship at Danone Waters and at Francorp Inc. Bert is part of the Vlerick Sales Excellence Centre.



Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Paesbrugghe B. Rangarajan D. Syam N. Jha S.  forthcoming. Purchasing-Driven Sales: Matching Sales Strategies to the Evolution of the Purchasing Function. Industrial Marketing Management,


  • Frömmel M. Paesbrugghe B.  2010. Portfolios and investments - an introduction. BoD GmbH.

Conference Presentations

  • Hautamäki P. Hänti S. Paesbrugghe B.  2016. Business Buyers' Expectations before the first Buyer-Seller Interaction. Paper presented at GSSI 2016 -10th Global Sales Science Institute, June 3-5, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • Rangarajan D. Bouters R. Weijters B. Paesbrugghe B.  2015. Sales And Operation Integration: The Role Of Collaboration And Alignment. Paper presented at GSSI 2015 - 9h Annual Conference Global Sales Science Institute, June 12-15, Hiroshima, Japan.

  • Paesbrugghe B. Rangarajan D.  2015. The End of Avoiding Procurement in a Buyer-Seller Relationship: a Qualitative Study from an Empowered Buyer's Perspective. Paper presented at EMAC 2015 - 44th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 26-29, Leuven, Belgium.