Brecht Cardoen


Brecht Cardoen is Assistant Professor in Service Operations Management at Vlerick Business School and a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Business and Economics of KU Leuven. He received his PhD in Applied Economics from KU Leuven on the impact of optimisation techniques on hospital operating theatres (2009). In 2012 Brecht was Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, UK.

His teaching activities focus on decision sciences for business, management integration and business statistics. He lectures on Master, MBA and executive level at the Ghent, Leuven, Brussels and St. Petersburg campus of Vlerick Business School, and also at Peking University for the Beijing International MBA Alliance. Within the executive education programmes he teaches in the Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management, the Executive Master Class in Business Process Management, and also in Management for the Hospital Professional, for which he is Programme Director.

His research interests are on optimisation and decision sciences in services with a particular interest in healthcare services. He heads MINOZ, a research centre for hospital operations management and is responsible for Vlerick’s Healthcare Management Day. Brecht furthermore co-directs the Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network and contributes to a wide variety of contract research initiatives. His work has been published in various international academic journals. He is also editorial board member of “Operations Research for Healthcare”.


Expert in
Healthcare management
Process management
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Service Operations Management
Decision modelling
Hospital Management


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Conference Presentations

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Doctoral dissertation

  • Cardoen B.  2009. Operating room planning and scheduling: Solving a surgical case sequencing problem. 

Research reports