Giverny De Boeck


Giverny De Boeck is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven. After successfully completing her research internship at Vlerick Business School, she graduated magna cum laude in Organizational and Work Psychology at KU Leuven. In October 2013, Giverny joined this university as a member of the Research Centre for Organisation Studies, where she is currently working on a PhD thesis supervised by Professor Nicky Dries. Central to her research are questions concerning the fulfillment of human potential in the workplace, with a particular focus on factors hindering or stimulating this developmental process. Her research interests include human development, work performance and work engagement. Currently she is also an affiliated researcher at Vlerick Business School, cooperating with Prof. De Stobbeleir on employee proactivity behavior.


Job Title : Affiliated Researcher

Management Domain
People Management & Leadership

Expert in
Human Development


Research reports

  • Dewettinck K. De Boeck G.  2013. Data in HR: a work in progress - An exploratory study in Belgian companies. Centre for Excellence in People Performance. (31 p.)