Laura Guillén


Laura Guillén is a research fellow at Vlerick Business School and a professor at the European School of Management and Technology (ESTM), Germany. She holds a MSc degree in Management Research (2004) and PhD degree in Organizational Studies (2007) from ESADE. Laura has studied Psychology (UNED, Madrid, Spain) and is member of the Research Center for Leadership at ESADE and the Research Group on Survey Research and Applied Statistic of the European Social Survey. She is a research fellow with the INSEAD Global Leadership Center. Prior to her academic career, Laura worked for Unilever (Spain). Laura's research interests are on leadership development and career dynamics, especially issues related to emotional intelligence, competencies at work, motivation to lead, identity change processes, gender diversity, and executive coaching.

Below you can find a selection of publications from Laura Guillén. You can consult her full CV via this link.


Job Title : Research Fellow

Management Domain
Human Resource Management
People Management & Leadership

Expert in
Leadership Development
Career Dynamics
Emotional Intelligence
Gender Diversity


Conference Presentations

  • Guillén L. De Stobbeleir K. Melsens D.  2015. The Bright and Dark Sides of Leadership Motivation: How a Leader’s Motivation to Lead Impacts Followers’ Perceptions of the Leader’s Effectiveness. Paper presented at 9th International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network, November 12-13, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

  • Guillén L. De Stobbeleir K.  2014. The bright and the dark side of having a leader identity. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 1-5, Philadelphia, United States.