Nico Keyaerts


Nico Keyaerts is a research fellow at the Vlerick Energy Center. His research focuses on European energy infrastructure and new energy grid related services such as energy storage.
Nico Keyaerts completed a Master in Business Engineering and a PhD in mechanical engineering, both a KU Leuven in Belgium. He was also a postdoctoral research fellow at Florence School of Regulation at the European University Institute in Italy.


Job Title : Research Fellow

Management Domain

Expert in
European Energy Policy
Energy Networks Regulation
Electricity & Gas Markets
Grid-related Energy Services
Modelling of Gas Systems


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Keyaerts N. Delarue E. Rombauts Y. D'Haeseleer W.  2014. Impact of unpredictable renewables on gas-balancing design in Europe. Applied Energy, 119: 266-277.

  • Keyaerts N. D'Haeseleer W.  2014. Forum shopping for ex-post gas-balancing services. Energy Policy, 67: 209-221.

  • He Y. Keyaerts N. Meeus L. Hancher L.  2013. How to engage consumers in demand response: a contract perspective. Utilities Policy, 27: 108-122.

  • Keyaerts N. D'Haeseleer W.  2012. Increasing efficiency through market-based cross-border procurement of gas-balancing services in Europe. Energy, 39(2): 564-576.

  • Keyaerts N. Hallack M. D'Haeseleer W.  2011. Gas market distorting effects of imbalanced gas balancing rules: inefficient regulation of pipeline flexibility. Energy Policy, 39(2): 865-876.

Conference Presentations

  • Vandewalle J. Keyaerts N. D'Haeseleer W.  2012. The role of thermal storage and natural gas in a smart energy system. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference on the European Energy Market, May 10-12, Florence, Italy.

  • Vandewalle J. Zapata Riveros J. Keyaerts N. D'Haeseleer W.  2012. The impact of a dynamical gas-pricing mechanism on the gas demand at distribution level. Paper presented at the IAEE 12th European Conference, September 9-12, Venice, Italy.

  • Keyaerts N. Rombauts Y. Delarue E. D'Haeseleer W.  2010. Impact of wind power on natural gas markets: inter market flexibility. Paper presented at the 7th International Conference on the European Energy Market, June 23-25, Madrid, Spain.

  • Keyaerts N. Hallack M. D'Haeseleer W.  2010. The trade-offs between line-pack flexibility and transport capacity in a liberalised gas market. Paper presented at the IAEE 33rd International Conference, June 6-9, Rio de Janeiro, United States.

Doctoral dissertation

  • Keyaerts N.  2012. Gas balancing and line-pack flexibility. Concepts and Methodologies for organizing and regulating gas balancing in liberalized and integrated EU gas markets. KU Leuven

Research reports

  • Meeus L. Keyaerts N.  2015. First series of cross-border cost allocation decisions for projects of common interest: main lessons learned. Florence School of Regulation.

  • Keyaerts N.  2014. Cost-benefit analysis for gas-infrastructure projects. Florence School of Regulation.

  • Meeus L. Keyaerts N.  2014. The role of the EU and ACER to ensure an adequate regulatory framework from projects of common interest. Florence School of Regulation.

  • He X. Hancher L. Keyaerts N. Meeus L.  2013. Shift, not drift: towards active demand response and beyond. Florence School of Regulation.

Vlerick working papers

  • Keyaerts N. Meeus L.  2015. The experience of Italy and the US with exceptional regulatory incentives for exceptional electricity transmission investments. 2015/44