Philippe Baecke


Philippe Baecke’s research interest mainly lies at Customer Relationship Management, Business analytics and Big Data. More specifically he focuses on improving analytical CRM models by creatively incorporating new data types, such as geographical and social network information. Further he also has a strong interest in digital and omnichannel marketing. His research has been published in several peer reviewed journals such as International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, Journal of Intelligent Information Systems and Expert Systems with Applications. His research is also recognized in the business world, which is reflected in both the SAS Student Ambassador Award and the Best Paper Award which he received at SAS Global Forum in 2012 (Orlando, U.S.).


Expert in
Customer Relationship Management
Marketing & Sales
Big Data
Business Analytics


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Roelens I. Baecke P. Benoit D.  forthcoming. Identifying influencers in a social network: the value of real referral data. Decision Support Systems,

  • Colot C. Linden I. Baecke P.  2016. A Survey on Mobile Data Uses. International Journal of Decision Support System Technology, 8(2): 29-49.

  • Baecke P. Van den Poel D.  2013. Improving customer acquisition models by incorporating spatial autocorrelation at different levels of granularity. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 41(1): 73-90.

  • Baecke P. Van den Poel D.  2012. Including spatial interdependence in customer acquisition models: a cross-category comparison. Expert Systems with Applications, 39(15): 12105-12133.

  • Baecke P. Van den Poel D.  2011. Data Augmentation by predicting spending pleasure using commercially available external data. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 36(3): 367-383.

  • Baecke P. Van den Poel D.  2010. Improving purchasing behavior predictions by data augmentation with situational variables. International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, 9(6): 883-872.

Conference Presentations

  • Roelens I. Baecke P. Benoit D.  2016. Identifying influencers in a social network. Paper presented at 19th World Marketing Congress, July 19-23, Paris, France.

  • Roelens I. Baecke P. Benoit D.  2016. Identifying influencers in a social network using customer referral behaviour. Paper presented at 28th European Conference on Operational Research, July 3-6, Poznan, Poland.

  • De Baets S. Baecke P. Vanderheyden K.  2014. An empirical investigation on the value of combined judgmental and statistical forecasting. Paper presented at 34th Annual International Symposium on Forecasting, June 29-July 2, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Baecke P.  2012. Including the Salesperson effect in Purchasing Behavior Models using Proc GLIMMIX. Paper presented at SAS Global forum, Orlando, United States.

  • Baecke P.  2012. Investigating Neighborhood Effects in Customer Acquisition Models across mutliple product categories. Paper presented at ISMS Marketing Science conference, Boston, United States.

Research reports

  • De Berti F. Goedertier F. Baecke P.  2014. Consumer brand value and advocacy drivers of a telecom brand. Vlerick Business School. (36 p.)