Tine Geldof


Tine Geldof obtained a Master degree of Science in Physics and Astronomy (Ghent University, 2014). In the end of 2014, she started working as a researcher in the Technology & Operations Management Area at Vlerick Business School within the Health Economics and Management. She is aiming to work as a PhD student within the Healthcare.


Job Title : Doctoral Research Associate

Management Domain
Operations & Supply Chain Management


Conference Presentations

  • Geldof T.  2016. World Evidence enabled Decision making in adaptive drug development and market access. Paper presented at Europe's premier life sciences conference Knowledge for Growth, Ghent, Belgium.

  • Geldof T.  2016. Defining Real-World Product Performance using Supervised Machine Learning in Survival Analysis. Paper presented at ISPOR (International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research) 19th Annual European Congress, October 29-November 2, Vienna, Austria.

  • Van Dyck W. Geldof T.  2016. Defining Real World product performance using survival analysis and supervised machine learning. Paper presented at International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes research ISPOR 19th Annual European Conference, October 29-November 2, Vienna, Austria.

Research reports

  • Van Dyck W. De Grève J. Schots R. Awada A. Geldof T.  2016. The Future of Access to Innovative Medicines in Cancer Therapy: Towards Conditional Dialogue Fostering Affordable Therapeutic Innovation. (86 p.)

  • Van Dyck W. Geldof T.  2015. Oncology horizon scanning project. Healthcare Management Centre. (93 p.)