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Without any doubt you are convinced that entrepreneurship is a prerequisite for success in our rapidly changing and competitive world. It is the search for opportunities of decisive importance, followed by an efficient implementation. A healthy mix of entrepreneurs and managers is therefore the basis of the performance of each company.

Our goal is to people and organisations (and even society)  to strengthen all facets of encouraging entrepreneurship: innovation, risk taking and proactivity. Discover our forums and research opportunities for entrepreneurs and SME’s and read all about our recent research findings, new books and other interesting materials!

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  1. How effective are policies that use taxpayer funds to boost SME and Entrepreneurial activity?

    Governments in developed countries appear to believe that either the nature, or the scale, of their country’s entrepreneurial activity is sub-optimal. So, to stimulate this activity, they employ taxpayer funds. This paper examines the effectiveness of such policies in Sweden – and then extrapolates the Sweden exemplar to several other countries and regions, including Flanders.

  2. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)

    The global scale of the GEM survey enables regions and countries to make comparisons with each other with regard to the new entrepreneurial climate. The GEM survey is unique in that it not only focuses on the number of persons that have founded a company but also on the number of persons that are in the process of starting a company that has not yet become a formal entity. Furthermore, the GEM examines the population’s perception regarding entrepreneurship. The worldwide study is coordinated and supervised by London Business School (UK) and Babson College (USA).

  3. Group discussion

    Determinants of successful internationalisation by SMEs in Flanders

    Export companies are more resistant to crisis according to a study by Flanders DC. Small and medium sized firms (SMEs) internationalize not only to grow their business, but also to survive. Spreading activities across different countries make SMEs more resistant to the impact of an economic downturn.

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    Getting started as an entrepreneur

    With 'Getting started as an entrepreneur' (Starten als Ondernemer) Hans Crijns and Luc Baltussen will guide you along the path to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a process of taking not one but multiple steps. In this book you will read the do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship to get yourself prepared! The book aims at people who have an itch for developing the ideas they are brooding on: the young manager who wants to take a new direction in his career, the senior who doesn’t want to even think of retiring or the ambitious father or mother who now have time for new challenges with the kids out of the house. But the book is also recommended for students who hope that life has more in store for them than a steady job.

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