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  1. Sweet dreams are made of this… The success of Belgian chocolate exports

    Belgian chocolates are world famous. Together with Switzerland, Belgium is internationally known as the country of chocolates. Belgian chocolatiers win many international awards. Belgium is also the largest chocolate exporter in the world, exporting over 1 billion € of the sweet stuff every year. Based on very detailed export data in the period 1998-2010, researchers Filip Abraham, Zuzanna Studnicka and Jan Van Hove unravel the DNA of Belgian chocolate exporting firms and identify the factors that drive their export strategies.

  2. How to translate your strategy into brilliant performance

    Strategy implementation - or strategy execution - is a hot topic today. Managers spend significant resources on consulting and training, in the hope of creating brilliant strategies, but all too often these strategies do not translate into brilliant performance. This book by Vlerick professor Kurt Verweire presents new conceptual models and tools that can be used to implement different strategies.

  3. Studio 100: a growth story of a showcase in show business

    Studio 100 is a nice example of a product leader. Product leaders are companies that win in their market by having high-quality and the most innovative products in the industry. This case illustrates well what product leadership means in practice.

  4. Carglass®: Building and Sustaining a Customer-Centric Organisation

    This case study explains in great detail what it means and takes to build and sustain a customer-centric organization. This allowed Carglass® to have great top line and bottom line growth in a saturated market. The case raises the question how to sustain a culture of continuous improvement when customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction can hardly be improved.

  5. Case study

    ING Direct USA: Asset or liability for ING Group?

    ING Direct USA reinvented banking in the States and in the process rose from a crowd of over 12,000 banks to become one of the 30 largest banks by assets and deposits in the States. The company revolutionalised the American retail banking industry with a simple savings bank model, built around the customer. Nevertheless, the company faced a tough period during the financial crisis. What went wrong? Has ING Direct been able to recover?

  6. Building and leveraging your ecosystem to spark innovation-based growth

    Building and leveraging your ecosystem to spark innovation-based growth

    What determines innovation success? More and more, it’s not necessarily the core technology or the innovation’s value proposition. The ultimate defining factor can be the innovation ecosystem: that is, the interdependent partner network needed to generate, develop and deliver a technology-based or business-model innovation.

  7. Cover"performance excellence"

    Managing for Performance Excellence

    How do you expand your organisation in a sustainable manner? A great many companies have been forced by the crisis to confront this question, often in painful circumstances. But alternative approaches are also possible, and performance management can help. The only problem is that many businesses are still struggling with putting it into practice. ‘Managing for Performance Excellence’ by Vlerick professors Regine Slagmulder, Kurt Verweire and Koen Dewettinck takes a fresh and practical look at the matter.

  8. Taking strategy out of the boardroom: the GCB Berlin cases

    The GCB Berlin cases describe a strategic transformation process of a German bank. Over a period of 3 years, GCB Berlin has transformed into a customer-intimate financial institution. The management team of the company used Strategy Mapping, the Balanced Scorecard, and a new sales-and-service approach as transformation tools to get the entire organisation more strategy-focused.

26 results Number of Results per Page