Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts

Why this Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts?

Many business schools have embraced entrepreneurship as a core area in which they want to excel. Most of these programs focus on how to set up and grow a new business. Another way to be entrepreneurial is to take over an existing company. Given the huge number of company founders and owners who will retire in the coming decade, management buyouts or buy-ins might well be fruitful avenues to entrepreneurial success.

The Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts (PEBO) is an initiative launched by Prof Miguel Meuleman from Vlerick Business School, and Hans Vanoorbeek, practitioner and Executive in Residence at Vlerick Business School in collaboration with BDO Belgium, to run events and educational programmes that benefit entrepreneurial individuals with the ambition to undertake a buyout. The platform wants to adopt a wider advocacy role by raising awareness and understanding of entrepreneurial buyouts as a means to unleash the entrepreneurial potential of the individual and to realize the entrepreneurial potential of the firm to improve long term performance and sustainability.

Objectives of the Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts

The mission of the Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts can be defined as:

The Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts wants to promote acquisitions to individuals seeking entrepreneurial opportunities by creating awareness and developing and spreading state-of-the-art knowledge on the processes underlying successful entrepreneurial buyouts.

The Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts focuses on three sets of activities 1) Research and cases 2) Education 3) Outreach.

Expertise within the Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts

The Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts has developed expertise in the following areas:

  • How to find a company to buy
  • How to run a due diligence process
  • Managing and structuring a transaction
  • Sources of value creation in buyouts
  • How to fund a buyout transaction and how to deal with investors
  • The role of private equity in buyout transactions
  • Managing small and medium sized companies
  • Selling a business

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