The Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network searches for a strong interaction between theory and practice. The members are involved in the selection and execution of the research projects which result in workshops organised exclusively for them. In addition to the research activities and workshops, organisations joining the Research Network get a lot of extra networking opportunities through participation in other Vlerick activities in the healthcare or supply chain area they are invited to.

Exclusive Research Activities

Research Projects

Research topics are selected by the Research Network Members, the Prime Foundation Partners and the Vlerick Research Team.

Depending on the topic, members of the Research Network will contribute by means of survey data, interviews or in-company cases. The research methodology is worked out by the research team, making sure the research outcome will be relevant for all members. International partners can be involved for their expertise or benchmarking data. This applied research is always rooted in existing academic literature and theories. The unique combination of theory and practice is the strength of the research culture at the Vlerick Business School.

The research projects will take about 4 to 6 months. Research results will be documented and made available to all network members.


During three workshops per year, experts from the research team will present the research findings and teach the theories and concepts concerned. Depending on the topic and the international knowledge in the area, state of the art findings, benchmarking data or best practices will be provided. Research network members can send up to three employees to each of these dedicated information or education sessions.

Share Expertise

Innovation and improvement projects accelerate by inspiration from outside your organisation. The Healthcare Supply Chain Research Network is an ideal platform to share concerns and findings with peers and to leverage the community’s expertise. The research projects will bring up memberships expertise on the selected topics in a structured way. Discussion on the workshops will be facilitated by experts of the research team and stimulate the expertise exchange. Collaboration and knowledge exchange between the members is encouraged and intensified through the large amount of (facultative) events and meetings offered.

Steering Committee Meetings

Once a year, delegates of the Prime Foundation Partners together with the Vlerick representatives determine the strategy and focus of the Research Network.

Case Development

Members are voluntarily eligible for research through case studies. Case studies are invaluable means and instruments for in-company trainings and contribute to the diffusion of knowledge of best practices within an organisation. They provide practical insights to solve real-life management problems. Case studies are regarded by leading business schools as the most effective and enjoyable way to learn. They enhance the organisation’s visibility in the business community.

Academic Publications

All research efforts follow the high standards of Vlerick’s research philosophy. Whenever possible, the research team translates research projects into academic articles of international level and impact. This is an ideal reference point for the research standard of the research team. In addition, some research insights can be submitted for international conferences, giving the Research Network a face in the international community.



Non-exclusive Networking and Educational Activities

Supply Chain Forum

The Supply Chain Forum is a series of six Thursday nights, meant to exchange knowledge on supply chain management and to serve as a meeting place. Each of these nights is dedicated to a specific topic in research, a practical case or a discussion on a new book. You’ll meet CEOs, supply chain managers, purchasing managers and other operations executives. Partners of the Research Network can send one to three persons freely to each Forum night.

Supply Chain Conference

The annual Supply Chain Conference is a full day on a specific topic in supply chain management. This conference will provide you with valuable knowledge offered by academics and executives who are expert in supply chain resilience. A series of presentations is followed by a networking reception where you will be able to meet general managers and supply chain executives of many leading companies. Partners can send one to three persons free of charge.

Healthcare Management Day

The annual Healthcare Management Day is the perfect opportunity to network with managers in the Flemish healthcare industry. A series of presentations, covering theory and practice, are organised around a specific theme. Partnership in the Research Network includes the possibility of sending one to three persons free of charge.

Education in Healthcare and Supply Chain Management

Vlerick Business School offers different open executive courses in the area of healthcare and supply chain management. These educational programmes can also be designed as company-specific and organised corresponding to the specific company’s needs.   

Knowledge in Action

Interested in the lessons learned of our research for your company? Find out more about our latest research articles!

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