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MINOZ is a knowledge centre for operational management in hospitals. We generate knowledge for hospitals, by conducting research in hospitals. One essential aspect is the open dialogue and interaction between the participating organisations. Every hospital that wants to actively contribute in applied research and is open to interaction can engage for membership. We stimulate the presence of a key contact person throughout the year. This enhances the continuity and interaction within the centre, and hence in-depth knowledge creation!

Non-hospitals can only join MINOZ through a Corporate Partnership with Vlerick Business School.  

Partners & Members

Prime Foundation Partner

A Prime Foundation Partner wants to contribute fundamentally to the development of the research centre. He contributes structurally to the working of Vlerick Business School and takes upon a leading role within the centre by steering the research agenda. They take part in all activities of MINOZ and have access to all the research results.


A Member co-determines the  research theme at the yearly Direction Committee. It’s entitled to send three participants to the three research workshops. Next to that a member can participate in the Healthcare Management Day and the three yearly study trip. All members receive the collected information and research results, and they have access to the MINOZ extranet.

Following hospitals are currently engaging in MINOZ:

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