Centre for Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Management

Why this centre for excellence in Enterprise Architecture Management?

In 2013 Vlerick Business School and its research partner LoQutus conducted an intensive, year-long study of Enterprise Architecture (EA) usage and management. The impetus for the study was the perception that Enterprise Architects are looking to re-position their function to serve their organisations more effectively in turbulent times.

We launched the study with the goal of better understanding how enterprise architecture is used in organisations and how it contributes to business value creation.

One finding is that the EA domain requires a balance of opposites: discipline and creativity, rigor and pragmatism, accuracy and nuance, long-term vision and short-term results. We argue that, as an Enterprise Architect views an organisation as a complex system, EA is a business discipline and should not be confined to the ICT domain.

Please click here to download the research for business article.
Please click here to download the DataNews interview on the study.

From the presentations and discussions of this paper and the subsequent seminars we gave one thing became very clear: There is a strong need for community building, sharing best-practices and discussing challenges in the field of Enterprise Architecture. This centre for excellence will facilitate this.

The centre will serve as a knowledge and insight incubator for the Vlerick management programme on Enterprise Architecture.

Objectives of the centre for excellence in Enterprise Architecture Management

We will create an interactive, practice-based, closed community that is focussed on:

  • Co-creating new content on practice-based topics in the field of EA;
  • Stimulating an exchange of ideas, best-practices and company approaches;
  • Generating discussions and letting ideas collide on EA management;
  • Discussing company-specific challenges/issues with peers;
  • Building a shared knowledge base on EA and EA management practices which is accessible for all member organisations;
  • Linking EA with other Vlerick fields of expertise: strategy, management, leadership, change and communication; EA = combined Business + ICT view;
  • No focus on frameworks; not a sales club; no tools/techniques fetish;
  • Content is king, networking a nice extra.

Expertise of the centre for excellence in Enterprise Architecture Management

The topics will be decided upon together, based on relevance to the member organisations but will be in the line of: Developing a roadmap for EA implementation:

  • How/where to start? What works best and what doesn’t work?
  • How does EA as a discipline fit with strategy, portfolio management, project management, change management, …?
  • How does this all fit together? How can you put EA on the board’s agenda? Should you?
  • How do you tackle the question of the ROI/added value of EA?
  • How can EA be used to deal with business transformation?
  • The Enterprise Architect – creative organisational designer: skillset needed - role or function? – How/where do you find this person? - …
  • Building an Enterprise Architecture capability in your organisation, do’s and don’ts.
  • How to invest in “Just-enough-architecture”?

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