The Centre for Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Management is conceived as a network organisation, consisting of research members that are complementary in business sectors, needs and experiences. The Centre provides members with a platform for the optimal exchange of experiences. Our activities offer the unique opportunity to be part of an interesting network of EA-professionals and to get in touch with international experts involved with EA. Exchange of experiences and knowledge are central elements within our network.

Attending Interesting Workshops

On a yearly basis several interactive workshops are organised for our research members, which will give the opportunity to learn from leading edge EA concepts based on theory and best practice and to share experience in a structured way, so that the learning effects are maximised.

Participation in Research Projects  

You are invited to participate in several academic research projects that will be carried out by our researchers. This will allow to benchmark your EA efforts (anonymously) with other members and with broader samples of organisations or employees.

The Development of Tools  

Based on the output of the interactive workshops, the research projects and the working parties the Centre will provide applicable tools and templates to its members (e.g. guidance tools, questionnaires, checklists, …)

Access to the EA knowledge hub  

The research members have access to a closed members community where you will have access to a vast body of knowledge, e.g. research data, presentations, literature overviews and practical tools, etc.

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