Evelyne Vanpoucke is als research fellow verbonden aan Vlerick Business School. Haar volledig CV is beschikbaar hier.


Functietitel : Research Fellow

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Expert in
Logistics Management
Operationeel en supply chain management
Supplier Integration
Supplier Collaboration
Purchasing Management
International Manufacturing


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A. Muylle S.  2017. Leveraging the Impact of Supply Chain Integration through Information Technology. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 37(4): 510-530.

  • Vanpoucke E. Wetzels M. Vereecke A.  2014. Developing supplier integration capabilities for sustainable competitive advantage: a dynamic capabilities approach. Journal of Operations Management, 32(7/8): 446-461.

  • Vanpoucke E. Boyer K. Vereecke A.  2014. Triggers and Patterns of Integration Initiatives in Successful Buyer-Supplier Relationships. Journal of Operations Management, 32(1-2): 15-33.

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2010. The predictive value of behavioural characteristics on the success of strategic alliances. International Journal of Production Research, 48(22): 6715-6738.

  • Vanpoucke E. Boyer K. Vereecke A.  2009. Supply chain information flow strategies: an empirical taxonomy. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 29(12): 1213-1241.

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Vereecke A. Vanpoucke E. Pandelaere E.  2004. Vraagschommelingen onder controle: Hoe het Forrestereffect minimaliseren?. Business Logistics, (Dec.)

Book Chapters

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A. Pandelaere E. Solis L.  2006. Characteristics of supply chain collaboration and their impact on performance. In: Mendibil K. Shamsuddin A. Moving up the value chain (pp. 1061-1070). University of Strathclyde.

  • Vereecke A. Vanpoucke E.  2005. Europese trends in het design en management van productie- en distributienetwerken van internationale ondernemingen. In: Ed. Management Jaarboek 2004 (pp. 116-121). Vlaamse Management Associatie.


  • Vereecke A. Vanpoucke E. Pandelaere E.  2003. IMSS Report Belgium: Results of the International Manufacturing Strategy Survey in Belgium and Europe. Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

Conference Presentations

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2014. Leveraging structural collaboration in buyer-supplier relationships. Paper presented at EurOMA Conference, Palermo,

  • Boyer K. Vanpoucke E. Whipple J.  2008. The moderating role of consensus in buyer-supplier relationships. Paper presented at 39th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, November 22-25, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2007. Creating succesful collaborative relationships: an empirical study in Europe. Paper presented at Annual Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute, November 17-20, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A. Pandelaere E. Solis L.  2006. Characteristics of supply chain collaboration and their impact on performance. Paper presented at 13th International Annual EurOMA Conference, June 18-21, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

  • Vereecke A. Vanpoucke E. Pandelaere E. Solis L.  2006. Determinants of success of Supply Chain Collaboration: an empirical study. Paper presented at Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Annual Conference, November 18-21, San Antonio, Texas, United States.

  • Deschoolmeester D. Vanpoucke E.  2003. A survey on the strategic drivers for e-business efforts: a view over time. Paper presented at 10th European Conference on Information Technology Evaluation 2003, September 25-26, Madrid, Spain.

  • Deschoolmeester D. Vanpoucke E.  2003. Looking for differences between SME's and large companies in Belgium: A survey on planning, frivers and barriers for e-business efforts. Paper presented at Annual Conference of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Brussels, Belgium.

Conference Proceedings

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2010. Towards a dynamic life-cycle theory of strategic alliances. Porto:

  • Vanpoucke E. Viswanathan S. Vereecke A.  2009. In search of supplier integration capability: a dynamic co-alignment versus a direct effect model. Göteborg:

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A. Boyer K.  2008. Information Sharing in the Supply Chain: An Empirical Study. La Jolla, California:

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A.  2007. Customer-supplier relationship characteristics and their impact on the performance of the relationship. In: Acun N. Nesim E. Gunes E. Managing operations in an expanding Europe Ankara:

  • Vanpoucke E. Vereecke A. Pandelaere E. Buyens D.  2007. Personality index measurement as an assessment tool in supply chain collaborations. Ankara:

  • Deschoolmeester D. Vanpoucke E. Willaert P.  2006. Drivers and barriers for e-business: Evolution over time and comparison between SME's and large companies. Springer.

  • Deschoolmeester D. Vanpoucke E. Willaert P.  2004. Drivers and barriers for e-business: Evolution over time and comparison between SME's and large companies. (pp. 455-473). Toulouse: Wolters Kluwer België-.

Doctoral dissertation

  • Vanpoucke E.  2009. Supply chain integration and performance: Empirical essays in a manufacturing context. 

Research reports

Vlerick working papers