Katre Leino

Functietitel : Research Associate


Expert in
Duurzame innovatie
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Business


Katre Leino is een Research Associate aan de Vlerick Business School. Haar research spitst zich vooral toe op Sustainability Driven Innovation.



Conference Presentations

  • Leino K.  2015. Organizations as archipelagos: A multi-sited ethnography in a single site. Paper presented at 31st EGOS Colloquium on organizations and the examined life: reason, reflexivity and responsibility, July 2-December 4, Athens, Greece.

  • Leino K.  2015. An ethnography: Understanding innovation processes in environmental multi-stakeholder platforms. Paper presented at 5th CSR research seminar 2015 on innovative practices and emerging trends, June 11-12, Paris, France.

  • Leino K.  2014. Understanding the facilitation of sustainability driven innovation in multi-actor platforms through an empirical study. Paper presented at 13th ABIS Annual Colloquium, December 10-11, Cambridge, United Kingdom.