Kristof Geskens


Kristof Geskens is als research fellow verbonden aan Vlerick Business School.


Functietitel : Research Fellow

Marketing & Sales

Expert in
Marketing & Sales


Articles in refereed journals with impact

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Geskens K. Bonezzi A. Chernev A. Gorissen K. Weijters B.  2016. When goal-derived assortments lead to goal-inconsistent choices. Advances in Consumer Research, 44: 457-457.

Conference Presentations

  • Goedertier F. Weijters B. Geskens K.  2016. The effect of the displayed product assortment price range on perceived discount value. Paper presented at at EMAC 2016 –45th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 23-27, Oslo, Norway.

  • Goedertier F. Geskens K. Carpenter G.  2013. How brands shape newness perceptions. Paper presented at ACR 2013: Making a difference, October 3-6, Chicago, United States.

  • Geskens K. Bonezzi A. Chernev A.  2012. How structured decisions lead to goal-inconsistent choices. Paper presented at 41th EMAC Conference, May 22-25, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Geskens K. Goedertier F. Geuens M. Weijters B.  2011. Facilitating consumer choice through goal-based labels. Paper presented at 40th European Marketing Academy (EMAC) conference, May 24-27, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • Geskens K. Goedertier F. Weijters B. Geuens M.  2011. How Goal-Based Labels Drive Choice and Choice Satisfaction. Paper presented at Annual North American Conference, October 13-16, St. Louis, MO, United States.

  • Goedertier F. Geuens M. Weijters B. Geskens K.  2010. The positive effect of goal-based labeling on choice satisfaction. Paper presented at 4th German-French-Austrian conference on quantitative marketing, September 16-18, Vienna, Austria.

  • Zeugner-Roth K.P. Geskens K. Goedertier F. Weijters B.  2010. The relative importance of customer-company congruity in determining employer attractiveness: an examination. Paper presented at 6th International Conference of the AM's Brand, Identity and Corporate reputation SIG, April 9-11, Barcelona, Spain.

Doctoral dissertation

  • Geskens K.  2014. How goals affect consumer choice. Universiteit Gent (Promotor: Geuens M.).

Research reports

  • Debruyne M. Goedertier F. Geskens K.  2014. Financial happiness barometer. Vlerick Centre for Financial Services (CFSI). (175 p.)

  • Verstreken S. Goedertier F. Geskens K.  2012. Branding & Consumer behaviour: why do consumers buy what, and for which reasons?. 

  • Lehaen M. Geskens K. Goedertier F.  2011. Branding & Psychology. How to approach irrational consumer minds?. (49 p.)

  • Goedertier F. Geskens K.  2010. Branding & Innovation. How can brands increase innovation success?. (56 p.)

  • Geskens K. Goedertier F.  2010. Branding in the Digital Age. Need for a new branding model?. (35 p.)

  • Geskens K. Goedertier F.  2010. Too much Choice. How to cut through the brand clutter?. (56 p.)

  • Geskens K. Zeugner-Roth K.P.  2010. Branding in a Global Context. How to manage your brand across boundaries?. (47 p.)