Nico Keyaerts is als research fellow verbonden aan het Vlerick Energy Center. Nico Keyaerts onderzoek spitst zich vooral toe op de European energy infrastructure en new energy grid related services zoals energy storage.



Functietitel : Research Fellow


Expert in
European Energy Policy
Energy Networks Regulation
Electricity & Gas Markets
Grid-related Energy Services
Modelling of Gas Systems


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Keyaerts N. Delarue E. Rombauts Y. D'Haeseleer W.  2014. Impact of unpredictable renewables on gas-balancing design in Europe. Applied Energy, 119: 266-277.

  • Keyaerts N. D'Haeseleer W.  2014. Forum shopping for ex-post gas-balancing services. Energy Policy, 67: 209-221.

  • He Y. Keyaerts N. Meeus L. Hancher L.  2013. How to engage consumers in demand response: a contract perspective. Utilities Policy, 27: 108-122.

  • Keyaerts N. D'Haeseleer W.  2012. Increasing efficiency through market-based cross-border procurement of gas-balancing services in Europe. Energy, 39(2): 564-576.

  • Keyaerts N. Hallack M. D'Haeseleer W.  2011. Gas market distorting effects of imbalanced gas balancing rules: inefficient regulation of pipeline flexibility. Energy Policy, 39(2): 865-876.

Conference Presentations

  • Vandewalle J. Keyaerts N. D'Haeseleer W.  2012. The role of thermal storage and natural gas in a smart energy system. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference on the European Energy Market, May 10-12, Florence, Italy.

  • Vandewalle J. Zapata Riveros J. Keyaerts N. D'Haeseleer W.  2012. The impact of a dynamical gas-pricing mechanism on the gas demand at distribution level. Paper presented at the IAEE 12th European Conference, September 9-12, Venice, Italy.

  • Keyaerts N. Rombauts Y. Delarue E. D'Haeseleer W.  2010. Impact of wind power on natural gas markets: inter market flexibility. Paper presented at the 7th International Conference on the European Energy Market, June 23-25, Madrid, Spain.

  • Keyaerts N. Hallack M. D'Haeseleer W.  2010. The trade-offs between line-pack flexibility and transport capacity in a liberalised gas market. Paper presented at the IAEE 33rd International Conference, June 6-9, Rio de Janeiro, United States.

Doctoral dissertation

  • Keyaerts N.  2012. Gas balancing and line-pack flexibility. Concepts and Methodologies for organizing and regulating gas balancing in liberalized and integrated EU gas markets. KU Leuven

Research reports

  • Meeus L. Keyaerts N.  2015. First series of cross-border cost allocation decisions for projects of common interest: main lessons learned. Florence School of Regulation.

  • Keyaerts N.  2014. Cost-benefit analysis for gas-infrastructure projects. Florence School of Regulation.

  • Meeus L. Keyaerts N.  2014. The role of the EU and ACER to ensure an adequate regulatory framework from projects of common interest. Florence School of Regulation.

  • He X. Hancher L. Keyaerts N. Meeus L.  2013. Shift, not drift: towards active demand response and beyond. Florence School of Regulation.

Vlerick working papers

  • Keyaerts N. Meeus L.  2015. The experience of Italy and the US with exceptional regulatory incentives for exceptional electricity transmission investments. 2015/44