Nigel Roome (+)


Professor Nigel Roome (+) was a Vlerick Partner and Professor from 2010, when he joined us from TIAS and Solvay, until 2014, when he became a part time Research Fellow at the school. At Vlerick Nigel directed the fulltime MBA for two years, but above all he was the person personifying and animating the School’s efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility, including the leadership of major EU funded projects.
Whilst at the school, Nigel was also the Academic Director of ABIS, the Academy of Business and Society, of which Vlerick Business School was a co-founder. He was greatly respected and influential in the CSR community as one of the early leaders in the field, and an advisor to many generations of doctoral students as well as to the sustainability efforts of leading international firms.
Previously he held Chairs in Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada as well as academic positions in the UK. His published work has examined the relationship between business strategies, technological and management innovation and systemic changes arising from sustainable development, globalisation and the credit crisis. His work addresses how companies and managers respond to these changes. He has received a number of research grants for the scientific direction of interdisciplinary research on corporate environmental management, innovation in organisational clusters and the impacts of corporate responsibility on the economy, society and environment.



Articles in refereed journals with impact

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Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Book Chapters

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Conference Presentations

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Research reports

  • Roome N.  2012. Networks for corporate responsibility and sustainable development- Synthesis paper. Vlerick Business School. (58 p.)

Vlerick cases

  • Roome N. Louche C.  forthcoming. A 101 second clip to create change: palm oil role play - Part B. 

  • Roome N. Louche C.  forthcoming. A 101 second clip to create change: palm oil role play (A).