Paul Gemmel

Functietitel : Research Fellow

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Expert in
Healthcare management
Service Quality Management
Capacity Management in Services
Efficiency Benchmarking in Services
Operationeel en supply chain management
Service operations management
Hospital Management


Paul Gemmel is als research fellow verbonden aan Vlerick Business School.



Articles in refereed journals with impact

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Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Book Chapters

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Conference Presentations

  • Verleye K. Gemmel P. Rangarajan D.  2012. Designing Service Interfaces in Co-Creation Situations. Paper presented at La Londe Conference, May 29-June 1, France.

  • Verleye K. Gemmel P. Rangarajan D.  2011. Why indirect customers deserve managers' attention: a quantitative and qualitative study on indirect customer engagement behavior. Paper presented at QUIS Conference 2011, New York,

  • Geerts A. Blindenbach-Driessen F. Gemmel P.  2009. Ambidexterity versus punctuated equilibrium and its effect on firm performance. Paper presented at 11th European Conference on Creativity and Innovation, October 28-30, Brussels, Belgium.

  • Sioncke G. Gemmel P.  2006. Strategic outsourcing in Healthcare Organisations: How to forge a successful pact to improve business performance?. Paper presented at 11th World Congress for Total Quality Management, December 4-6, Wellington, New Zealand.

Conference Proceedings

  • Gemmel P. Cardoen B. Robberecht R. Landry S.  2015. Process Performance and Service Quality in Chemotherapy Day Units: Two Sides of the Same Coin. (pp. 103-111). Shangai:

  • Geerts A. Blindenbach-Driessen F. Gemmel P.  2009. Ambidexterity in service firms. Twente:

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  • Gemmel P. Vereecke A. Van Dierdonck R.  1999. A theoretical framework of international operations networks in pure service industries. (pp. 545-560). Venice: Universidad de Sevilla.

Doctoral dissertation

  • Gemmel P.  1996. A simulation-based experimental investigation of a hospital service requirements planning system under different sources of uncertainty. 

Research reports

  • Cardoen B. Gemmel P. Robberecht R.  2013. Witboek ziekenhuisapotheek - Positie van de ziekenhuisapotheek in de zorgketen. Healthcare Management Centre. (38 p.)

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  • Van den Holen P. De Raedt L. De Maeseneer J. Gemmel P.  2008. Toekomstig ziekenhuislandschap Vlaanderen. (99 p.)

Vlerick cases

  • Gemmel P. De Raedt L.  2009. Access blocking at Ghent University Hospital. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 609-007-1 (C) + 609-007-8 (TN).

Vlerick working papers

  • Gemmel P. Vandaele D. Tambeur W.  2007. Hospital Process Orientation (HPO): the development of a measurement tool. 2007/30 (23p.).

  • De Man S. Vandaele D. Gemmel P.  2004. The waiting experience and consumer perception of service quality in outpatient clinics. 2004 (36p.).