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previous icon Bjorn Cumps: If there is one thing I admire in Ageas it is how they embraced change and were able to regain customer trust and rebrand their business. The transformation they went through is one from a caterpillar to a butterfly. For a company that operates in a sector that once was at the bottom of the reputational food chain this is a true accomplishment. 

With Ageas as a partner, we further commit to deepen our expertise in financial services. Their challenge is to further grow, build a reputable brand and further invest in their people in a heavily regulated sector that is still suffering from the aftermath of the financial crisis. Their story reminds me of the epic fight between George Foreman and Mohammed Ali: the first being able to take some punches, the other one being fast and flexible. To be successful in a turbulent environment Ageas proved that you need to combine resilience with agility. Roll with the punches and be faster and more flexible than the competition.

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