Communicating the good and the bad

previous icon “In the past, we used to ‘decide what we wanted to tell.’ Today, we have more the attitude­ that if there’s something to be told, we’ll tell it, whether it’s good news or bad. That way, we create a relationship with the press where we have a mutual confidence. Of course, everyone has to do his work. If a journalist writes something that I don’t like but it’s correct, I can’t blame him: he does what he has to do.”

Ageas Enjoys Change

This change has paid off handsomely. De Smet says, “Last year, we achieved an important milestone in our change process. We received the prize for the best communication in Belgium. This is a prize based on views from analysts from Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Knowing where we came from, this shows that the efforts we’ve made to communicate in greater detail - on a number of things that are not always the things people would like to see - has created a lot of credibility. If you get this prize, you can share it with your people.”

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