A pro-active approach

previous icon Lison does not believe in waiting for the right candidates to arrive at Amrop. Instead, he actively scans the market for the very best people. He explains, “I installed an alternative concept about ten years ago based on pro-activity with respect to the pool of candidates. The basis of the concept is that we should be in touch with the best people in different markets on a continual basis.”

“Concretely, this means that every consultant and every partner in our company is obliged to meet at least fifteen people a week. 50% of those people are there to discuss to a job opportunity. This means that 50% visiting on a weekly basis are simply coming to discuss their career - where they are now, and what their expectations are for the future. The major advantage is that because we’re speaking with them in a neutral moment, rather than a job opportunity, it means they are far more open to talk about successes and failures. And they are also able to speak about their ambitions for the future.”

“Without a doubt, the investment we make then helps us in the future. When we have assignments, we can really focus in a precise way. This is the aim of our job: to be able to spot the best suited person at a given moment for our clients. In truth, it’s all about personal relationships. When we call these people afterwards, they are far more open to discuss. It’s an on-going relationship.”

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