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previous icon Prof. dr. Koen Dewettinck: The story of Benoit Lison nicely illustrates how Amrop has re-invented its executive search approach by seeing labour market trends as opportunities rather than limiting factors. There are three key elements highlighted in their new approach: the first is a focus on career guidance rather than on job placement, the second is the importance of relationships and the third touches on the international dimension.

These three elements have indeed also become much more prominent in our approach towards executive education and more specifically our Executive MBA programmes.

Building relationships between participants and strengthening the group dynamics has always been important in our programme design. Through intensive discussions, our students learn much from each other and develop a cross-industry view on business. During our programme and especially during the residential seminars, our participants have the opportunity to really get to know each other and to build friendships for life.  Our alumni association offers the ideal platform for our participants to leverage these relationships later on in their professional lives and to ensure life-long networking and learning.

The school has certainly become much more international during the last decade. This is illustrated by our presence in Russia and China and the ever-increasing number of international students. It is also reflected in our growing body of international faculty members and the rising number of corporate partners with whom we collaborate with to deliver high-impact education at a global scale. In our Executive MBA programme our students expand their horizons during our “BRICS-trip”, in which they gain fresh insights and forge new relationships in small interactive groups of students, faculty and international professionals in Brasil, Russia, India, China or South Africa, upon their choice and preference.

We see our MBA programme as a development journey in which knowledge transfer and competency building across every facet of business administration is complemented with leadership development and career guidance to make it a real life-changing experience. Our participants have the opportunity, through 360° feedback and peer coaching to sharpen their leadership potential and people management skills even further.  Through our continuous career guidance track we give our participants the impetus to channel their personal growth in line with their future ambitions.  For our self-funded students we also offer customized career placement services. This is where the expertise of Amrop and Vlerick Business School meet and where we are strengthening each other.

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