Building relationships

previous icon A lot of effort is put into building relationships at Amrop. Lison stresses the importance of stepping up and making connections with people: “Our people are obliged to make a number of phone calls every day. In our business, we are dealing with people. Before you make a call, you could ask yourself, ‘Should I contact this person?’ You could think for twenty minutes or even an hour on the pros and cons of speaking to them.” Lison does not believe this is a good use of time. He says, “We have the culture: don’t think, just act. Each time you make contact with a person, you are at the top of their mind. You have created a kind of relationship with them and can call them back. It needn’t take very much time. Even in five or ten minutes, you can establish a working relationship.”

Amrop Enjoys Change

“However, you need the supporting tools. You need a good IT system, and support is important. Since 2005, we’ve been in the cloud. It means that wherever I am in the world, I can reach my database and all my documents. I can establish contact with a candidate. Everything is digitalised; every report is in the system. We’ve been nearly paperless since 2005 and information like CVs and documents are all very well organised.”

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