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previous icon Changes in the Belgian workforce and the way companies operate have made Amrop change their tactics too. Lison describes the effects of working with a more international workforce: “The ability to work in an international environment has become one of the key requirements for our consultants. In the past, many companies in Belgium only engaged Belgian associates. Today, a lot of companies have people coming from abroad.”

“This implies a change in their company culture. When we place a Chinese person within a Brussels based company, we will have to invest more effort in the integration process. A Chinese person thinks and works in a certain way, a Belgian organisation in another, and it is essential that they become aligned.”

“When people leave an organisation during the first year, it is often not because they can’t do the position, but rather that they did not feel integrated into the company. This was also a learning process for our consultants: we need to deal with more personal topics.”

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