Investing in Vlerick

previous icon Amrop is a financial partner of the Vlerick Alumni, but Lison is keen to highlight that their involvement is about more than just money. He says, “We’re one of the main sponsors of Vlerick Alumni. We don’t just hand over a sum of money, but also set up particular events. Vlerick has also gone through an interesting change over the last ten years, one that is similar to ours. When they started they were only based in Belgium. Now they’ve been able to expand their network around the world, with campuses in South Africa, Saint Petersburg, China, and so on.”

Amrop Enjoys Change

“Also, if you look at the students who went to Vlerick in the early 90s, they were mainly Belgian. Today, some of the people going to Vlerick are Belgian, but there are also many more foreigners. I think this mixing up is very important, to create an international network.”

“Vlerick has been able to develop an intensive collaboration with their alumni. When people leave, it takes time and effort to invest in their network, but it’s worth it. Vlerick has been able to organise a good working alumni organisation. They have been able to create an international network, and they have also been able to establish a balance in terms of the age of their alumni. They have older people and younger people, and you see a fruitful exchange of ideas between the ages.”

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