A word from Vlerick

previous icon Bjorn Cumps: With A.T. Kearney we have found a partner that embraces change. And change is the only constant in business today. If we look at technology adoption rates over the last 100 years we see that it took the telephone 50 years to reach critical mass, 22 years for the television, 14 years for the PC, 7 years for the Internet and only 2 years for Facebook. Customers are changing faster than ever and so organisations need to become more agile. Given their expertise in financial services, A.T. Kearney is the perfect partner to team up with Vlerick to develop a vision and thought leadership for a sector that is changing dramatically.

A.T. Kearney helps us bring together leaders from the financial services sector to exchange ideas and to challenge their vision on the future. With their international network and deep sector expertise, they are well-equipped to deal with core banking and insurance challenges every day. They help shape policy and strategic vision for the sector. 

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A word from Vlerick

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