Changes in the business world

previous icon “We are a collaborative, practical firm that helps clients anticipate change,” Kestens says. “We like to say that when we help our clients there is an immediate impact and that we help create growth. I believe though that everything is accelerating in terms of pace of change with the result that life cycles are getting shorter. For example, if you look at car models and televisions and how long companies remain on top you’ll realise that the period is becoming less and less long.” He expands on the theme and makes a reference to society in general. “It’s definitely more difficult to be a child today,” relates Kestens. “There’s so much more information available. It forces everyone to think for themselves, and I think that’s a good thing. Though, on top of that I’m not convinced the quality of the information is that good, so you have to pick and choose.”

So how does a well-established consulting firm such as A. T. Kearney evolve and offer good advice to others in times like these? “Well,” says Kestens, “In order to effectively assist other companies to adapt, A. T. Kearney has had to adapt itself. We’ve adopted a regional operational model,” explains Kestens, referring to A. T. Kearney’s own corporate changes. “This now leads to faster cooperation making it easier for consultants and partners to work together from around the world. Today, we use technology to get the best people helping our clients better, from wherever they are based.”

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Changes in the business world

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